Don’t Try to Save a Photo

By: ndormer

Oct 31 2010

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So I read somewhere that you should never ask yourself “can this photo be saved,” or something along those lines. Well when you are me, a total amateur self taught photographer and photoshop user with a point and shoot camera, only so much can be asked of the SOOC photos. In other words most of my pictures are “can this photo be saved” photos. Yeah, yeah good photography is about the photographer, I get that, but this is 2010 people and if you can use tools like photoshop and lightroom to make a good picture amazing, then why not! I do. And I’m not afraid to admit that a lot of the time the SOOC picture is downright horrendous and needs some work. I guess if I did this for a living and not just an obsession, er I mean hobby, then I’d think differently…and probably have a better camera. But my little SX10is does me proud for the time being 😉

Case in point.
One of my favorite rescue photos SOOC:



And after lightroom and photoshopping:



Not too shabby if you ask me, but then again I think the subject, Fiona a thoroughbred mare I adore, is absolutely gorgeous and “bad” picture can’t be taken of her.


  • Nadia

One comment on “Don’t Try to Save a Photo”

  1. I’m loving your new blog and I LOVE that picture of Fiona!

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