Shout Out and FREEBIES!!!!!

By: ndormer

Nov 04 2010

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So this whole photoshop addiction is due to a few bloggers and photographers on the web who gave me a taste, a free taste, of what photoshop and actions can do to a picture. So I thought I would share my discoveries with all two of my blog readers.

First we have my favorite blogger of all time P-Dub, aka Ree Drumond. She is an Oklahoma ranch wife who lives my dream life. I’ll let her do the ‘splanin, check out her amazing BLOG. Anyway, she has a passion for photography much like mine. She lives to capture pictures of the things she loves most in life and simply does it because she likes to, that and her blog would probably suck if it weren’t for all the perdy pictures. She is also insanely generous (like gives away thousands of dollars of goodies every week) and shares two sets of photoshop actions (that ROCK) for FREE. Now I’m not sure if you know this or not but photoshop actions are EXPENSIVE AS S***. So giving them away for free is AWESOME! They don’t even have viruses or anything! So without further ado, I give you the link to P-dubs 100% FREE 150% AWESOME photoshop actions sets:

Pioneer Woman Action Sets

And for elements (I don’t even know what “elements” is, but here ya go anyway):

Elements Actions


Second we have more scrumptious FREE actions from MCP Actions. This website also has a blog full of incredibly useful information, unlike mine, and awesome giveaways, even MORE unlike mine. MCP also has classes you can take online to help you understand different aspects of photoshop. I am in college full time while I work full time, and LET ME TELL YOU, online classes are the most amazing thing since sliced saucisson (noun, sau·cis·sons – a large, cured French sausage of ground pork flavored with garlic). ANYWAY, I personally haven’t taken any classes, but am desperately hoping Santa brings me a MCP gift card so I can! And here we have all the FREEBIE actions:

MCP Freebies

P.s. touch of light/touch of darkness has saved my arse on numerous occasions.


And lastly we have my favorite photoshop action makers of all time, TRA Photoshop Actions & Filters. I mainly love them because they curse almost as much as I do, and name their actions things like BAMF and Bitchin B&W. But I also love them for the amazing things their actions do to pictures. My all time favorite is Boutwell Magic Glasses, I use it on EVERY picture almost, and guess what!?!?! It is included in their FREE trail set!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited FOR you! Here ya go:

TRA Free Actions

They truly are TOTALLY RAD!!!! Be sure to check out their blog and recipes page too.

OH and all three are on Facebook, so add them, they announce freebies there too! Ok, now go away, and don’t say I never gave you anything.

hugs & kisses





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