My 1st Photoshop Tutorial!! Color Contacts!

By: ndormer

Nov 06 2010

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My first photoshop tutorial, good luck understanding any of this! First off you will need to have a general idea how layer masks work. Jodi, from MCP Actions, has a great video tutorial (WAY more sophisticated than mine will be!). Watch it, then come back and let me show you how to give yourself colored contacts! Trivial, perhaps a bit vain, and silly I know. But who doesn’t want to see what they would look like with different eye colors? Mainly I use this to bring back the true color of peoples eyes, or to just make them “pop” a little more. The picture I use for this tutorial is of my boyfriend Josh. He has the most beautiful blue eyes, but they got really washed out in this picture, so I used this technique to bring them back. I’m sure there are other options, but I think this is easy and effective! So here we go!

Ok, now that you know what a layer mask is, let’s move on. There are probably many ways to accomplish this, but I do it by adding a solid color layer to my photo. To do that you click on the little half black and half white circle in your layers menu.

Then click the first option, solid color.

DON’T PANIC!!! Your picture is supposed to look like this:

Now, pick a color you think you’ll like. I went with red, because I thought it would be funny to see Josh with demon eyes. Now is where that little lesson about layer masks will come into play. You want to make sure three things are in order. 1.) you have the brush tool selected, 2.) you have black selected as your foreground color, and 3.) that you have the layer mask selected (that is the white box next to the solid color). Now you are going to paint away ALL the red.

Now you need to paint back the areas you want the color to affect, the eyes, or the irises at least. Isn’t that what you call the color part of the eyeball? I can’t remember, either way you get the drift. To do this you need to switch your foreground to white, a quick easy shortcut is to press X. Now zoom in and paint the eyeball, make sure the layer mask is selected! I always forget and am cussing at the computer and asking why it isn’t doing what I told it. Don’t worry we won’t leave it like this:

Now lets make the red more of a tint rather than a blob. Click on the drop down menu, the blending menu, the one that currently says normal. Play around with all the different options, I personally liked soft light the most.

Soft light in action, AND I changed the color to blue by double clicking the red and selecting a different color:

Now the color is still a bit much, but don’t worry, turning down the opacity a bit makes it much more “natural”. I turned mine down to like 29%.

Now for the play around and make yourself look like a freak!!! And if I have totally lost you, feel free to send me hate mail and/or questions.


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