By: ndormer

Nov 17 2010

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**WARNING** The word booger is written like 70 times in the post. /warning

I just found the most awesomest (that’s right I said it) two blog/websites LOADED with free shizzle!! Can you tell I am excited??? Not only is the stuff free, but its QUALITY and not bombarded with pop ups and crap. I am so eloquent sometimes…ANYWAY, the first is The CoffeeShop Blog which is run by another bad ass stay at home mom, much like P-Dub, and she provides a boat load of useful stuff. From tutorials to photoshop actions you name it she’s got it. She must be insane, because she gives it all away for frees, and only asks that if you feel like donating to her cause to do so. Someone get this woman a straight jacket! Her actions do wonders! I think my favorite is LOMO, but I’m not sure yet cause I haven’t had time to download them all yet. She also has FREE brushes, storyboards, templates, frames, patterns the list goes on. So check out her site, it’s incredible!!

Here is her Lomo action in action…shut up. Oh and some eye booger removal, I left the slobber, eye boogers are unacceptable, they drive me insane, slobber is cute, unless it ends up on your black work pants, then slobber is nasty, have you ever noticed how an eye booger is impossible to get rid of? It always ends up still on you somehow, no matter how many times you try to flick it or wipe it off, I HATE EYE BOOGERS! I’m sorry…Nadia nobody cares about your disgusting dog pet peeves, MOVING ON!

SOOC w/ eye booger:

LOMO Action & Sans Boogers:

Now, I am the first person so see drama and run, but when it comes to photographs drag queens ain’t got shiz on me! Love how just one click and BAM! I’ve instantly got a beautiful, dramatic photo. I can’t decide if Rowan’s tail is distracting and annoying or artistic…we’ll go with artistic. Uh yeah, I meant to do that…

So as I was browsing through the gazillion awesome things on The CoffeeShop Blog, I came across another kick ass digital photography/photoshop site! Pixels and IceCream has a million different brushes, papers, overlays, and patterns for you to download for free! Now I have yet to master the art of the majority of these things because it takes serious artistic ability, like being able to draw more than a stick figure kind, and I have next to none of that. BUT I am experimenting and trying to design a Christmas card that doesn’t make you want to vomit. Here is a quick mish mash of some of a couple brushes I downloaded last night:

Don’t make fun. I told you I have no artistic ability when it comes to this kinda stuff. Each color is a different brush. The trees ABR file is SO FREAKING COOL, and much more detailed when the file is saved correctly and not destroyed by moi. I’ll have to come up with something to use them with.

Anyway, hope you can find something useful from these two sites, I did! And if you do download from The CoffeeShop make sure to donate some cash to this crazy woman’s wonderful hard work!



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